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Imperattive.Ai is the one stop solution where you can get credit rating as well as financial strength of the organizations. We fetch the data from various public domain websites and covert into consolidated structured report which will be very helpful to find out credit worthiness of the company. Imperattive.AI can extract and analyze the customer financial documents i.e Bank statement, CIBIL, GST Returns, ITR, Balance Sheet & P & L etc. This report enables the credit manager of the banks to take real time decision making. Imperattive.Ai increases speed and accuracy in analyzing large amounts of unstructured content and helps the organisation enhance returns, reduce risk and increase efficiency by consistently tracking and monitoring millions of companies and people.

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Imperattive.Ai is most comprehensive platform for company search and advanced web crawler includes 1000 Plus data points. The solution provides report in structured format along with hidden data insights about an company. Below are the additional data points can get from Imperattive.Ai which is very useful for faster decision making.

  • Ownership & Beneficiary Details
  • Financial Analysis
  • Litigation Analysis
  • Employee Details
  • Equity Research
  • Company Registration Details

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What is the creditworthiness of a company ?
Creditworthiness is how a company is evaluated or considered by another company to determine if they're “creditworthy.” If you're a company seeking a line of business credit, imagine how your suppliers might view you and what their concerns might be when considering if and how to work with your company.

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