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Impera TeleMedicine is the Online doctor consultant solution or ‘telemedicine’ is the provision of clinical services like appointment, diagnosis, treatment, prescription, and follow-ups using communication technology. You do not need to visit the hospital or the doctor’s office you just need to access healthcare through video, chat, call, phone, or email.

Online doctor consultation has significantly contributed to improving health outcomes for people and is beneficial for not only the patient but for the doctor also. You can now consult doctor online through the Impera TeleMedicine or mobile application. It has never been simpler or seamless before to get a quick and easy medical consultation.

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The process of online medical consultation is very sample & user friendly right from appointment till getting treatment. Impera TeleMedicine is build based on the challenges and difficulties are facing by the doctors and healthcare sectors now a days. This solution is also benefited to patients also as patient can upload his past medical history document, can book appointment anytime anywhere from list of available doctors & saves travelling time.


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How do I consult a doctor online?
  • Choose the doctor.
  • Book a slot.
  • Make payment.
  • Be present in the consult room on Impera Telemedicine at the time of consult.
  • Receive prescriptions instantly.
  • Follow Up via text - Valid upto 7 days.

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