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Data classification provides a clear picture of all data within an organization's control and an understanding of where data is stored, how to easily access it, and the best way to protect it from potential security risks.

Same way, Document classification is an age-old problem in information retrieval, and it plays an important role in a variety of applications for effectively managing text and large volumes of unstructured information. 

Document Classification has been designed to segregate all sort documents used in day-to-day business activities. The platform is designed in such a way that it captures data - analyses – and then as per the checks points which is pre-defined it validates the documents and as per their nature keeps different documents in relevant folders.

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Document classification is an example of Machine Learning (ML) in the form of Natural Language Processing (NLP). By classifying text, we are aiming to assign one or more classes or categories to a document, making it easier to manage and sort. This is especially useful for the Data Management , Specifing type of document , Extraction of data with no efforts and many more .Broadly speaking, there are two classes of ML techniques: supervised and unsupervised. In supervised methods, a model is created based on a training set. Categories are predefined and documents within the training dataset are manually tagged with one or more category labels. A classifier is then trained on the dataset which means it can predict a new document’s category from then on.

Depending on the classification algorithm or strategy used, the classifier might also provide a confidence measure to indicate how confident it is that the classification label is correct.


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What Is Document Classification?
Impera Document Classification Scan the Document and Categorize The Document Data Into Its Type Of File Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning i.e; Separate The Document such as UID Pancard Process Application etc.

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