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ImperaCAM - A Robust Credit Assessment And Robotics Automation Tool

Know About ImperaCAM

ImperaCAM is an intelligent data extraction and robotics automation tool which is helping credit manager of the banks for faster & quicker credit decisioning. It extracts and analyzes data from the various financial E documents through OCR & ML and provides data insights in defined excel format by the bank along with graphical representation of key data points.

ImperaCAM is able to extract the data from financial documents i.e Bank statements, CIBIL, GST, ITR, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet , and provides desired output to the credit team which enable the credit managers to take smooth and faster loan decisioning. CAM (Credit assessment memo) is the mandatory requirement of the credit managers to analyze the income and obligations along with loan repayment capabilities

Qualities of ImperaCAM

Customized Product For Data Analytics & Insights To Lead Real Time Credit & Loan Decisioning


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Imperative has studied credit assessment memo from the clients. Based on their challenges and manual preparation of CAM report which is time consuming and leading to spelling errors due to manual process. The system is compatible to all type of bank statements, GST, CIBIL, ITR, Balance sheet and Profit & Loss A/C. The system is helping the credit managers of the banks in quicker assessment and faster decision making with an assurance of nearly 100% quality compliance. Most significant improvement was 3X increase in application processed in a day.

The major benefits of using ImperaCAM is :-

  • Saving cost & processing time
  • Maintaining highest level of accuracy
  • Increased in productivity
  • Highest revenue and market share
  • Optimum utilization of time, resources & technology
  • Quicker turn around time
  • Happy customers

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How do you analyze bank statements?
Bank statement analysis delves deep into bank statements and parses the data from pdf statements to derive meaningful insights about a borrower's recurring transactions, loans and defaults (if any), income and its frequency, and repayment capacity

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