ImperaBOT - A Smart Data Extraction Tool

Extract Analysis Validate Filtering & Transformation Of Any Kind of Data As Per Business & Banking Algorithm


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ImperaBOT is a smart data extraction using OCR, Python & AI with integrated robotic process automation. It extract the data from structured as well as unstructured images analyze, validate as per business & banking rules and provides desired output in my SQL database & can be import in excel format. The basic purpose of ImperaBOT is to fetch the data from any kind of preprinted forms and provides desired output in required format as per need. The BOT not only helps to extract data but also puts correct data in required fields.

Key Highlight of ImperaBOT

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ImperaBOT helps to expedite the process which has a positive impact on the utilization of resources to the optimum level saves cost, time & resources, increases market share by providing instant results, since everything is automated the changes of error has reduced to higher extent. Requirement of human resources has also come down, which directly has its impact on the cost .

The key benefits of the ImperaBOT are :-

  • Usability & accessibility
  • Secured and safe
  • Save cost, time & resources
  • Quick implementation

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How do you automate BOT ?
We do design and coding such a way that system auto capture the data from a specific place from a image and provide data in proper manger.

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