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Impera AFMS is a document & workflow management system where we can store, manage and track E documents along with movement and status of the files . Impera AFMS allows to convert physical documents into digital format. This platform enables all stakeholders to come at a common platform and work together virtually . This platform is the one stop solution for credit underwriting process where credit manager can check all his required document at one view for loan decisioning.

This solution has the inbuilt document management system along with real time message and email notification functionality which every process status change of the particular files. This platform is bringing all stakeholder in same page in regard to file status and movements. The solution is totally customized at front end level along with role base access for various stakeholders of the bank.

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Impera AFMS Make it Easy to Organize Documents & Easy Share


Imperative’s Document & Workflow Management System

Go Paperless Processing With Impera AFMS

The objective of building Impera AFMS is to convert physical file movement into digital journey & real time email, SMS & Whatsapp notification can be sent to responsible stakeholders. This platform maintain complete transparency & accountability in term of status of files & enable processing in paperless manner.

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How does the product help in managing and tracking documents ?
This platform is designed in such a way that the entire Login & Credit Underwriting process got digitalized and the process becomes more transparent and acts as one stop solution for all stakeholders involved in loan processing &  decisioning.

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