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FinBO+ is a web based advanced version of FinBO , which offers Quick, Flexible, Accurate & Secure Financial Document & Credit Processing. This solution is cloud based hence can be accessible from desktop as well as on mobile app. to make processing faster, affordable and transparent access can be given to all stake holders i.e User, Supervisor, Admin & Client so everyone should be on same page in regards to file status. Customer gets access anytime/anywhere to know the status of their application status , sanction & disbursement as well as the in-built workflow helps the credit team to take accurate & fast decisions on applications to approve, sanction, disburse, hold, or reject .

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Finbo+ improves visibility of sub processes through customizable dashboards & in-depth reports of process performance provide insights into areas that needs improvement. There is no data & MIS exchange happening between vendor & client as all options are available in single platform i.e processing, tracking, monitoring, dashboard, Analysis & MIS.

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What is FinBO+ ?
FinBO+ is the advanced version of FinBO with advanced features.

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