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FinBO- A Simple Secured & Customized Onboarding Platform

Let’s Know Our Product!

FinBO is a complete customer onboarding process system which is a desktop-based software. Application forms are processed based on images received from client. The platform can use both digital and physical documents which will be scanned and processed.

System follows set of guidelines and rules set by the bank and Operations team can coordinate with Bank team by mail or secure file transfer folders for any discrepancies and resolutions. This platform can be used in any sort onboarding of document processing, currently this product has been used in the process of Credit Cards and Personal Loan.

It is an incredibly powerful and versatile Credit Processing Software developed by a dedicated team of Bankers, Accountants, Software Developers & Power Users.
FinBO generates captures and verifies customer data from CAF (Customer Acquisition Form) & KYC (Know Your Customer Form) and Further validation and eligibility check.

Platform Features

A Great Product isn’t Just A Collection Of Features. It’s How It All Works Together


FinBO – Adopt the revolution

All In One Platform for Digitization, Onboarding, Credit Processing & Disbursement

Finbo is build by the expert domain knowledge professionals with advanced business and banking guidelines which can be benefited to BFSI sector.

  • time and cost optimization
  • reduced turn around time
  • large volume processed with 100% accuracy
  • convenient and quick decision making
  • better hold on customers and core business activities
  • Elimination of frauds, risk, and duplicate tasks
  • Physical to digital conversion in a very less time
  • Automated reports and analysis

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A Faster Robust Powerful Reporting Tracking Onboarding Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

is this platform is available in white label model ?
Yes, this platform is available in white label model.

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