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Know About DigiBoarding.In

Digiboarding.In is a digital onboarding and video KYC platform. Through this platform face-to-face identity verification in which organizations carry out their customer verification process through a video call assisted by a KYC agent. During the video call, the customer is required to digitally submit the identity documents for proof and share few personal details with live agent while video call. This process is completely digitized & no physical visit in office or bank branch is required. customer can join the call remotely and complete the KYC & onboarding formalities smoothly.

This platform allows to authenticate customer detail in real time through video & AI driven face match, liveness detection, geo tagging & EKYC verification of customers.

Features of DigiBoarding.In

Platform Designed For Smooth Customer Acquisition Process


Complete Flexible & Reliable Video KYC Platform

Onboarding Customer Faster In Lesser Time

The digital onboarding process is the key to increase the customer onboarding conversion rate and improve the user experience. at the same time its meets strict RBI compliance, reduced cost, increasing productivity and saves time. The key advantages of DigiBoarding.In is :-

  • It allows to perform KYC t in organized manner
  • You can reach to remote customers
  • Saves travelling time and money
  • More productivity in less time
  • Easy and hassle free onboarding & KYC process

How The Video KYC Onboarding Journey Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in video KYC ?
this is the RBI initiatives the video KYC process by inviting the customer to a video call for completing KYC verification and onboarding process.

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